IJLE Volume 3 Issue 1 2015

| October 14, 2015

IJLE Volume 3 Issue 1 2015

  1. Christiaan Prinsloo. English for Academic Legal Purposes: Textbook Typologies that Inform Legal English Pedagogy
  2. Rachelle Ballesteros-LIntao, Marilu Rañosa-Madrunio. Status: It’s Complicated?! Analyzing the Comprehensibility of a Philippine Consumer-Finance Contract
  3. Wang Dongmei, Li Li. Constructing Corpus for Compiling Lexical Syllabus of Legal English and for other Applications
  4. Fang Wang. Study on Interpretation of Wills: From In Re Rowland
  5. Heng Wei. A Comparison of the English Translation of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China with the Constitution of the United States, Combining Corpus Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis

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