The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 20 Issue 6 June 2018

| June 18, 2018

Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 20 Issue 6 June 2018

Foreword by Jun Scott Chen Hsieh

Research Articles

  1. Shanshan Lu & Paul Moore
    Western-trained Chinese EFL teachers’ reflections on Communicative Language Teaching
  2. Mahpul & Rhonda Oliver
    The effect of task complexity in dialogic oral production by Indonesian EFL learners
  3. Zhenjie Weng
    Voices from international Chinese students on varieties of English: A mixed methods study
  4. Matt Lucas
    Not all nouns are created equal: Japanese EFL learners, written English and plural marking of loanwords and non-loanwords
  5. (Mark) Feng Teng
    The effect of Focus on Form and Focus on Forms Instruction on the acquisition of phrasal verbs by Chinese students
  6. Shu-Chin Su & Tao Ling
    A qualitative research of the difference in the learning styles between Chinese and Taiwanese English major students
  7. Singhanat Nomnian & Thithimadee Arphattananon
    A qualitative study on factors influencing achievement of English language teaching and learning in Thai government secondary schools
  8. Mufeeda Irshad & Pei Yi Liu
    Self-instructional material-centred multimedia computer program: A solution to the challenges of large heterogeneous teacher-fronted classes
  9. Chin-Wen Chien
    Taiwanese EFL undergraduates’ self-correction of pronunciation problems and their strategies
  10. Wondwosen Tesfamichael Ali
    Effects of implementing a Learning Together Method (LTM) on social skills
  11. Renia Lopez-zieblo
    Testing task difficulty evaluating parameters and identifying gestures as a valid indicator
  12. Dr Khaled Almudibry
    Exploring University EFL Learners’ Experiences and Attitudes towards Using Smart Phones for English Learning
  13. Liudmila Bolsunovskaya, Tatiana Aikina
    University Students’ Attitude towards English as a Medium of Instruction in Russian Higher Educational Institutions
  14. Fatimah Alhamamah
    Saudi Female EFL Learners’ Perceptions of Their Language Learning Experiences: A Metaphor Analysis
  15. Sukardi Weda
    Demotivational Teaching Practices in EFL classroom: Perceptions of English among Indonesian Learners
  16. Thammanoon Buphate, Reuben H. Esteban
    Integration of Critical Thinking Approaches in Thailand University Classrooms: Perceptive Analysis
  17. Vita V. Vonog & Ludmila V. Yarotskaya
    Learning Individual’s Development as Function of Productive Assessment

  1. Multiculturalism and Conflict Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific
    K. Shimizu and W. S. Bradley. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Pp. V + 237.
    Reviewed by Raheb Zohrehfard, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  2. Team Teaching and Team Learning in the Language Classroom: Collaboration for innovation in ELT
    A. Tajino, T. Stewart & D. Dalsky (eds.). New York, NY: Routledge, 2016. Pp. xx + 216.
    Reviewed by Rurik Tywoniw, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

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