The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly June 2013

| June 2, 2013

The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 15 Issue 2 June  2013

  1. Rahma Ibrahim Al-Mahrooqi. Foreword
  2. Roger Nunn. An Argument for Holism Part 2 (An Editorial Opinion Piece)
  3. Vahid Salehi and Farid Naserieh.  The Effects of Verbal Glosses on Vocabulary Learning and Reading Comprehension
  4. Mohammadtaghi Shahnazari-Dorcheh, Rebecca Adams, and Saeed Ketabi . The relationship between modified output and working memory capacity
  5. Glen Poupore. The Influence of L2 Motivation and L2 Anxiety on Adult Learners’ Socio-Affective Conditions and Language Production during Communicative Tasks
  6. Davud Kuhi (PhD), Marzieh Tofigh (M.A), and Maryam Yavari (M.A). A Comparative Study of Metadiscourse Resources in Introduction Section of Introductory and Scholarly Textbooks
  7. Jerry G. Gebhard. EFL Learners Studying Abroad:Challenges and Strategies
  8. Jim Yee Him Chan. Towards a lingua franca pedagogical model in the Hong Kong classroom: A sociolinguistic enquiry
  9. John Trent. Using the L1 in L2 teaching and learning. What role does teacher identity play?
  10. Nancy Burkhalter. Overcoming Resistance in Post-Soviet Teacher Trainees in Kazakhstan

  1. The ESL/ELL teacher’s survival guide. Larry Ferlazzo and Katie Hull Sypnieski
  2. English Language Teaching in India: The Shifting Paradigms. S. Kumaran, India
  3. English in Japan in the Era of Globalization. Philip Seargeant (ed.) Palgrave. Li Xin
  4. Academic Writing in a Second or Foreign Language, Ramona Tang. Colin Toms

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