The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly September 2013

| September 1, 2013

The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 15 Issue 3 September 2013

  1. Wen-Chi Vivian Wu – Foreword
  2. Ramin Akbari, Mohammad Nabi Karimi.  EFL Students’ Proficiency Outcomes: What do Epistemological Beliefs Have to Offer
  3. Arpine Sargsyan, Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam. Using Literature to Promote Language Learning: Issues and Insights for Implementation in Armenian Settings (A qualitative study)
  4. Chuang Wang, Do-Hong Kim, Mimi Bong, & Hyun Seon Ahn. Korean College Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Learning English as a Foreign Language
  5. Emmaline Lear. Using guided reflective journals in large classes: Motivating students to independently improve pronunciation
  6. Kyung Min Kim. Do They Need to Wait Until They Get Ready? : Learning a Second Language through Writing
  7. Muhammad Tanveer. The Factors Causing English Language and Study Skills Gaps between Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes; an Exploratory Study at Majan College (University College), The Sultanate of Oman
  8. Roby Marlina. Learning about English as an International Language in Australia from three students’ perspectives
  9. Yuncai, Dai.  Working Memory as a Component of Foreign Language Aptitude

  1. Collocations Extra: Multi-level Activities for Natural English.  Esmaeel Hamidi
  2. Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching with Technology. Moonyoung Park
  3. Teaching and Researching Autonomy (second edition).  Matthew Rooks
  4. English for Professional and Academic Purposes. Masoumeh Mehri & Seyyed Amin Mokhtari

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