The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly December 2013

| December 1, 2013

The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 15 Issue 4 December 2013

  1. Fan-Wei Kung. The More the Merrier? Bilingualism in an Academic Perspective: Exploring the Implementation of English-medium Instruction in Taiwanese Tertiary Education
  2. Tylor Burrows. English and Integrated Water Resources Management: A Training Program for the Mekong River Commission
  3. Raphiq Ibrahim, Mila Schwartz, Janina Kahn-Horwitz, Mark Leikin.  Bi-cultural aspects of second language learning in a bilingual context
  4. Derya Bozdoğan and Buket Karlıdağ. A Case of CLIL Practice in the Turkish Context: Lending an ear to Students
  5. Jane Chee Ling Tsoi. Bestriding Boundaries: Towards Talk Authenticity in the Undergraduate Business Communication Classroom
  6. Richard Pinner.  Authenticity of Purpose: CLIL as a way to bring meaning and motivation into EFL contexts
  7. Yuki Yamano. Utilizing the CLIL Approach in a Japanese Primary School: A Comparative Study of CLIL and EFL Lessons

  1. Percival Santos.  Learning through in-house videos: how one Japanese college integrates subject content in its EAP program
  2. Thomas Lockley . International history as CLIL: reflection, critical thinking and making meaning of the world
  3. Leo K West .  A Case Study of Environmental Management & Content and Language Integrated Learning
  4. Darrell Wilkinson and Raymond Yasuda. The International Program: curriculum design and assessment for an English-medium economics program
  5. Madoka Kawano, Eric M. Skier, Fumiko Takeuchi, Masako Horiuchi, Toshio Kaneko. English education at schools of pharmacy in Japan: meeting curricular needs through authentic ESP materials
  6. Chad L. Godfrey. Readdressing EFL approaches: CLIL curriculum in a Japanese medical university context
  7. Bethany Iyobe and Jia Li. CLIL to what degree: a trial in English medium education at a Japanese university – Is it CLIL or not?
  8. Gretchen Clark.  Snapshot of a lower secondary CLIL program in Japan
  9. Miao Yang and Zhongfang Zhang. Development of academic competencies as the learning objectives of an English-medicine integrated common-core module
  10. Stefanie Pillai and Angela Satomi Kajita. English for law at the University of Malaya
  11. Julie Riddlebarger.  Doing CLIL in Abu Dhabi
  12. Nathan Ducker.  Academic English and content development thorough ethnographic research projects
  13. Paul C. Corrigan. An in-service programme in Hong Kong for integrating language and content at the post-secondary level
  1. Greg Rouault. Problem Solving in a Foreign Language: A Study in Content and Language Integrated Learning

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