The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly December 2014

| October 19, 2014
  1. Jihyun Kwon. The Role of Proficiency in Pragmatic Transfer: A Study of Refusals by Beginning,
    Intermediate and Advanced Korean EFL Learners
  2. Hsin-Yi Lien. EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Size in Relation to Their Choices of Extensive Reading Materials
  3. Danielle Tracey, Alexander S. Yeung, A. Katrin Arens & Christina Ng. Young Second Language Learners’ Competence and Affective Self-concept
  4. Clay Williams. Post-Intensive Instruction Effects on L2 English Lexical Development
  5. Yoo-Jean Lee. An Alternative Approach – Copying: Can it be as Effective as Summarizing to Improve EFL Learners’ Reading and Writing?
  6. Sachiko Yasuda. Issues in Teaching and Learning EFL Writing in East Asian Contexts: The Case of Japan
  1. Codeswitching in University English-Medium Classes: Asian Perspectives
    Edited by Roger Barnard and James McLellan
    Reviewed by Anna Husson Isozaki
  2. Technology Enhanced Language Learning: Connecting Theory and Practice
    Aisha Walker and Goodith White
    Reviewed by Darío Luis Banegas
  3. Asian EFL Journal Submission Guidelines

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