Asian EFL Journal Volume 23 Issue 6.1 November 2019

| November 2, 2019

Foreword by Aradhna Malik

Research Articles

  1. Winfred Wenhui Xuan
    Understanding logical meaning-making in Chinese high school students’ EFL writing: A systemic perspective
  2. Mike Tittanen
    Effect of Lexical aspect and grounding on the use of the progressive
  3. Masanobu Sato
    Exploring EFL learners’ attitudes towards topic-based lexical network and form-based grammatical network activities
  4. Etsuko Shimo, Joseph Falout, Glen Hill & Matthew Apple
    Balanced and non-balanced possible L2 selves: An attributional study
  5. Graham Howlett
    How Thai students use mobile devices when learning EFL and the effect of urban/ rural school location
  6. Raksangob Wijitsopon
    Key multi-word expressions in Thai learner English argumentative essays

Book Reviews

  1. Expand Your English: A Guide to Improving Your Academic Vocabulary
    Steve Hart
    Reviewed by Hongyan Liang
  2. Mixed Methods Research in Language Teaching and Learning
    A. Mehdi Riazi.
    Reviewed by Carl Vollmer

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