EILJ Volume 9 Issue 2 November 2014

| December 10, 2014
  1. English Instruction in Burundi Elementary Schools
    Immaculee Harushimana
  2. Exploring Possible Selves: An Exploration of Tertiary EFL Students’ Learning Motivation in Taiwan
    Chi-an Tung
    Shan-mao Chang
  3. Language Teacher Beliefs and Practices: A Historical Review
    Yang Gao
  4. Exploring the learning potential of peer-assessed dictation in the Chinese context
    Yangyu Xiao
  5. Towards an Effective Intercultural Training for English Majors at King Saud University
    Al-Mohanna, Ayedh Dhawi Mohammed
  6. Approach to a Communicative Task Performance: Conversational Analysis of Male-Male and Female-Female Kazakhstani Students’ Dialogues in the EFL Classroom Setting
    Nadezhda Chubko


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Category: EILJ-2014