EILJ Volume 15 Issue 2 2020

| December 29, 2020
  1. Rhetorics in/of English Language Education in India: A Case of Digital Natives in Higher Education Programs
    Arya Parakkate Vijayaraghavan
    Dishari Chattaraj 
  2. Attitudes towards Pronunciation Issues in Three Kachruian Circles
    Mohammad Amin Mozaheb
    Abbas Monfared 
  3. A Case Study of Constructivist Learning and Intercultural Communicative Competence in English-majoring Pre-Service Teachers
    Ngoc Tung Vu 
  4. The Pragmatics of Articles in Outer Circle Englishes: Some Theoretical and Pedagogical Considerations
    Ridwan Wahid 
  5. Challenges and Importance of Teaching English as a Medium of Instruction in Thailand International College
    Keow Ngang Tang 
  6. EFL Learners’ Perceptions on Different Accents of English and (Non)Native English-Speaking Teachers in Pronunciation Teaching: A Case Study Through the Lens of English as an International Language
    Karolin Candan
    Dilek Inal 
  7. Changing Contours: The Interference of the Mother Tongue on English Speaking Sylheti Bengali
    Arpita Goswami
    (Erratum: Republication of previously published paper in EILJ, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 100-134 due to IPA font distortions that occurred in the publication process)

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