The Iranian EFL Journal Volume 12 Issue 2 June 2016

| May 30, 2016

The Iranian EFL Journal Volume 12 Issue 2 June 2016

Foreword by Paul Robertson & Rouhollah Askari Bigdeli

  1. Alireza Ahmadi & Seyyed Bagher Mirshojaee
    Iranian English Language Teachers’ Assessment Literacy: The Case of Public School and Language Institute Teachers
  2. Elaheh Sotoudehnama & Nasim Kolbadinejad
    ELT in State and Payam-e-Noor Universities: Language Learners’ and Instructors’ Perspectives on Speaking
  3. Vahid Panahzadeh & Mahmoud Qaracholloo
    A Fresh Look at Curry’s Onion Model: Do Inner Layers Predict Outer Layers?
  4. Mohammad Amini Farsani & Maryam Beikmohammadi
    Iranian EFL Learners’ Noticing of Morpho-Syntactic Corrective Feedback: Recast Types and Uptake
  5. Karim Karimzadeh
    Do Self-regulation, Self-efficacy, and Motivation Predict Listening Comprehension?

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