The Iranian EFL Journal Volume 12 Issue 4 December 2016

| December 19, 2016

The Iranian EFL Journal Volume 12 Issue 4 December 2016

Foreword by Paul Robertson & Rouhollah Askari Bigdeli

  1. Saadallah Yaseen Rajab & Vahid Nimehchisalem
    Listening Comprehension Problems and Strategies among Kurdish EFL Learners
  2. Iman Taebi, Zadmehr Torabi & Mohammad Amini Farsani
    Depicting EFL Learners’ and Teachers’ Perceptions toward Communicative Language Teaching: Voices from Iran
  3. Zahra Zohoorian & Ali Rahimi
    English Reading Achievement: Authentic and Traditional Contexts in an EAP Setting
  4. Mohammad Aliakbari & Mahdi Najar
    The Relationship between Iranian EFL University Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Self-regulation
  5. Mehdi B. Mehrani & Nasrin Omidvar
    Language Learners’ Experience of Answering L2 Research Questionnaires: Challenges and Potential Solutions

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