Linguistics Journal Volume 14 Issue 1 2020

| August 30, 2020
  1. Foreword
  2. Matt Lucas
    Agglutination, Loanwords, and Japanese Morpholexical Categoryhood: Cross-linguistic Factors in the Grammatical Handling of Verbs and Adjectives in Written English
  3. Zahra Nouri and Rezvan Rasouli
    The Effect of Task Type on the Writing Accuracy of Iranian Male and Female EFL Learners
  4. Muhammad A. Al-Quran
    A Contrastive Look at English and Arabic Adjectives
  5. Kevin King
    When-/whenever- conditionals and conditional taxonomy
  6. Benedicta Adokarley Lomotey
    A Conversational Analysis of Language Practices in the FL Classroom: Data from a Ghanaian University Context
  7. Teresa Wai See Ong
    Safeguarding Penang Hokkien in Malaysia: Attitudes and Community-Driven Efforts
  8. Nada Mohammed Salem and Stefanie Pillai
    An Acoustic Analysis of Intonation in the Taizzi variety of Yemeni Arabic
  9. Soh Siak Bie, Tam Shu Sim and Larisa Nikitina
    Designing and Piloting a Repeated-Measures ANOVA Study on L2 Academic Writing: Methodology and Challenges
  10. Md Jahurul Islam and Iftakhar Ahmed
    Mid-front and back vowel mergers in Mymensingh Bangla: An acoustic investigation
  11. Yeonok Hong
    Change in Chinese Personal Pronouns from a Typological Perspective
  12. Abbas H. Al-Shammari
    Social Media and English Language Learning during Covid-19: KILAW Students’ Use, Attitude, and Prospective
  13. Kamonnate Iadkert and Azirah Hashim
    The production of English codas by Thai speakers
  14. Pei-Jung Kuo
    On the song Double Object Construction in Mandarin Chinese and Its Passivization Variations

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