TESOL International Journal Volume 10 Issue 1 2015

| July 27, 2015
  1. Systemic Functional Linguistics and English Language Teaching
    Anne McCabe
    Chris Gledhill
    Xinghua Liu
  2. The Contribution of Systemic Functional Grammar to the Error Analysis Framework
    Clive E. Hamilton
  3. Academic Literacy and Grammatical Metaphor: Mapping Development
    Cassi Liardét
  4. Building a critical stance in academic and civic discourse: Burnishing and tarnishing
    Sally Humphrey
  5. Legitimising the Knower’s Multiple Voices in Applied Linguistics Postgraduate Written Discourse
    Cheung Lok Ming Eric
  6. Secondary School Students’ Use of Discourse Strategies in Two Languages:
    The Role of HyperTheme in Argumentative Writing
    Corinne Maxwell-Reid
  7. Managing Information to Relate Sentences within a Text: “Houston we have a problem”
    Peter H. Fries
  8. Using the “Multimodal Analysis Video” Program for Register Analysis: A preliminary Study
    Anne Thwaite
  9. Multiple Modes of Meaning in Expository Discourse
    Mei-Ya Liang
  10. New Media and English Language Teaching in China: A Case Study based on Multiliteracies Pedagogy
    Yu-Jie Qi
    Yan Sun
    De-Zheng Feng
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Category: TIJ 2015