TESOL International Journal Volume 16 Issue 4.3 2021

| April 28, 2021


  1. Integration of Media Technology in English Language Teaching (ELT)
    Mahdi R. Aben Ahmed
  2. Students’ attitudes’ to spoken English in the department of English of CASS: Weighing language acquisition on ESL, TESL parameters
    Kamlesh Dangwal
    Ehab S. Alnuzaili
    Norah H. Banafi
  3. Whatsapp Utilization as a Language Teaching/Learning Tool at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University
    Farooq AlTameemy
    Mihwa LaBelle
    Fahd AlAlwi
  4. Virtual Learning Environments during Pandemic: Experiences of the Saudi Department of English Language at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU)
    Naimah Al-Ghamdi
    Amani Al-Ghamdi
    Yusra Yassen
  5. Vocabulary Learning Strategy Use among Translation Students in Saudi Arabia
    Mimouna Zitouni
    Bahia Zemni
    Hamad Al-Traif
    Mashael Aljasser
  6. Another look at the Phonological Features of Lectal Speakers: Re-validation of the Description of the Philippine English’s Phonology
    Joel M. Torres
    Rebie Marie E. Matildo
    Ricardo A. Somblingo
    Marianet R. Delos Santos
    Ericson O. Alieto
  7. When Language Learning Suddenly Becomes Online: Analyzing English as Second Language Learners’ (ELLs) Attitude and Technological Competence
    Ryan B. Cabangcala
    Ericson O. Alieto
    Edison B. Estigoy
    Marianet R. Delos Santos
    Joel M. Torres
  8. Developing ESL Writing Skills through the Cooperative Language Learning Approach
    Bonala Kondal
    Shouket Ahmad Tilwani
  9. Representation and Interpretation of Diasporic Literary Texts: Socio-Cultural Effects on Non-Native Learners of English Literature
    Rasib Mahmood
    Abduh Almashy
    Iftikhar Alam
    Akhter Habib Shah
  10. English Language Learners’ Use of Translation and Attitudes towards Learning Vocabulary
    Mohamed Benhima
    Shouket Ahmad Tilwani
    Muhammad Asif
  11. Barriers facing EFL University Students on attending virtual classes via Blackboard during Coronavirus Pandemic in Saudi Arabia
    Abubaker Suleiman Abdelmajid Yousif
  12. Teaching of Shakespeare in the Secondary Classes of Indian Schools
    Mohammad Rezaul Karim
    Ashraful Hussain
  13. Interference of L1 in L2: A Study of Pronunciation and Semantic Change of Pakistani (Pakhtoon) English Learners
    Rasib Mahmood
    Tariq Rasheed
    Akhter Habib Shah
  14. Digital Textbook in English for Academic Purposes and Its Relationships to Learning Styles among Indonesian University Students
    Imroatus Solikhah
  15. Examining the Implication of Teaching Language Through Literature in the EFL Context of Saudi Arabia: A Case Study of a Public Sector University, Saudi Arabia
    Anas Hamed Almuhammadi

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