TESOL International Journal Volume 16 Issue 8 2021

| November 7, 2021



  1. Virtual Reality (VR) – possibilities for use in tertiary language centres
    Adam Forrester
    Ching Hang Justine Chan
  2. Using The FIVES Strategy to Improve the EFL Iraqi Students in Reading Comprehension Skills
    Ibtisam Jassim Mohammed
  3. Real Talk: The Status of Code-Switching in Philippine Classsrooms
    Emily T. Astrero
  4. Effective Instructional Materials for Language Teaching and Learning: Perceptions of English Teachers in the New Normal
    Simon Peter Y. Toribio
    Sarah G. Formento
    Murada J. Ismael
    Karmina I. Cauti
  5. Students’ Perception and Preference on Corrective Feedback in Online Writing Classes
    Emilius German
    Yogi Saputra Mahmud
  6. Vocabulary learning attitudes and strategies of college freshmen: Inputs to a proposed vocabulary development program
    Conrado F. Vidal Jr.
  7. Technology Integration in Teaching Language Subjects by Primary Education Teachers
    Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen
  8. The Effectiveness of Online Learning during Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities
    Zulfani Sesmiarni
    Melyan Melani
  9. Grammar Translation Method versus Direct Method and its Effectiveness on Reading Comprehension among First year College Students in Sulu State College
    Aurizia D. Siraji
    Anang Fatma T. Jawali
    Jehana M. Darkis
  10. ESL High School Learners’ Online Language Learning Anxiety: Investigating the Influence of Gender and Socio-Economic Status
    Vickylou S. Ferrer
    Charlyn O. Marcos
    Rosette D. Morandarte
  11. Emergence of New Protocols from the Teaching of Oral Communication in Three Senior High School Settings
    Aisa P. Arlos
    Chenee M. Dino- Aparicio
  12. Development of Speaking & Writing Integrated Learning Model (SWILM) for the English Productive Skills of EFL Students
    Andi Tenri Ampa
    Muhammad Basri D.
    Andi Arwinny Asmasary
  13. Speaking Ability of Grade 12 Public Senior High School Students
    Nelson U. Julhamid
  14. Analysis of Doodles and Listening Comprehension of College Students
    Jessie E. Dela Cruz

    Luzviminda Q. Ramos
  15. New Historicism of Sinan Antoon’s “The Corpse Washer” and Hassan Blasim’s “The Iraqi Christ”
    Intisar Rashid Khaleel
  16. The Fright and Fabrication of COVID-19: Pandemic versus Infodemic
    Saba Zaidi

    Durdana Rafique
    Afshan Abbas
    Zia ur Rehman

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