TESOL International Journal Volume 16 Issue 4.4 2021

| April 29, 2021
  1. Anxiety in Classroom Oral Participation among ESL College Students
    Bernadette D. Bagalay
    Roxan T. Bayan
    Jane C. Caliboso
    Boyet L. Batang
  2. Logic, Reasoning and Language Structures: A Comparative Study of Literature and Linguistics Learners
    Rasib Mahmood
    Abduh Almashy
    Iftikhar Alam
    Akhter Habib Shah
  3. English Speaking Anxiety, Stressors, and Coping Techniques of College Student Researchers
    Michael E. Santos
    Wilfredo Q. Cunanan
    Arnelia B. Mandap
  4. Between Perception and Practice: The Emergency of Encouraging EFL Teachers to Implant HOTS in Their Classrooms
    Dwita Laksmita Rachmawati
    Oikurema Purwati
    Syafi’ul Anam
    Slamet Setiawan
  5. Language Proficiency and Plagiarism Practices among Graduate Students
    Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen
    Randy Joy Magno Ventayen
  6. Gender and Interruption in Conversation Made by EFL Students
    Rinda Fitriana
  7. Contextualization on the Teaching and Learning Approach of Purposive Communication Syllabus for the Bachelor of Physical Education Students
    Michael E. Santos
    Jumel C. Miller
    Jonar T. Martin
  8. Metacognition in The Senior High School in one National High School in The Philippines
    Narciso Ambrocio Martin Jr.
    Randy Joy Magno Ventayen
    Ricky Dulay Retuerne
  9. Blended Learning in A Research Writing Class: Perceptions and Experiences from ESL Secondary Learners
    Bonjovi Hassan Hajan
    Reynold C. Padagas
  10. Implementing Eco-translation to Build Translation Competence and Course Design
    Sugeng Hariyanto
  11. Guided Peer Tutorial Fosters Subject Mastery and Builds Essential Soft Skills
    Margie Ugaddan Alcaide
  12. Flipped Learning Approach in Teaching Writing in a University Setting: Students’ Experiences, Preferences, and Perspectives
    Gregorio P. Ebron, Jr.
    Romualdo A. Mabuan
  13. The Use of Blended Learning System in Teaching Language
    Claire M. Guevara
  14. Social Networking sites and ESL Students Writing Proficiency in English
    Jane C. Caliboso
  15. Impact of Covid-19 on English Language Teaching in Yemen: Challenges and Opportunities
    Farooq A. AlTameemy
    Yasser Alrefaee
  16. Prospective Reading Teachers’ Digital Reading Habit: A Cross-sectional Design
    Bernadeth T. Abequibel
    Criselda D.R. Ricohermosa
    Ericson O. Alieto
    Cheryl P. Barredo
    Rochelle Irene G. Lucas
  17. Qatari Public Schools’ EFL Educators’ Knowledge About Pِِِa and Phonics
    Tahani Allouh
    Saba Al Qadhi
    Wael Yousef
  18. Political Alienation in the Jordanian Short Story: Selected Models
    Sanaa Kamel Ahmad Shalan
    Muna Mod Mahmoud Muhilan
    Moath Haza’ Ali AL-Zu’bi
  19. Legendizing of The Hero in “The Epic of Gilgamesh”
    Muna Mod Mahmoud Muhilan
    Sanaa Kamel Ahmad Shalan
    Moath Haza’ Ali AL-Zu’bi

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