Asian ESP Journal Volume 17 Issue 6.1 October 2021

| October 11, 2021
  1. Abdus Samad, Abdul Karim Khan and Saqib Mahmood
    Demotivating Factors in English Language Learning: The Case of Pakistani Undergraduate Level Students
  2. Li Fang Ning
    Factors Affecting the English Language Proficiency of Filipinos
  3. Roderick Julian Robillos
    Digital Argument Mapping within Metacognitive Approach: Its Effects on EFL Learners’ Writing Achievement and Self-Regulation of Learning
  4. Kent Adnil C. Lao, Madzrima K. Pulalon, Helengrace A. Lao and Maria Socorro Yvonne H. Ramos
    When classrooms become virtual: Challenges and coping mechanisms of prospective teachers
  5. Lamhot Naibaho and Bernadetha Nadeak
    A Comparison of Female and Male English Lecturers’ Working Performance and Competence: A Research-Based on Students’ Perspective
  6. Ma. Theresa L. Eustaquio, PhD
    Developing a Communicative Competence Assessment Packet for Student-Nurses
  7. Marvin C. Casalan, Shella D. Delgado and Ruzel B. Espino-Paller
    Counting boys and girls in pages: A Critical Discourse Analysis of gender
    representations in Science and Mathematics Textbooks
  8. Maria Roxainne O. Nuñez and Shela S. Rosales
    Inclusive Education: Perceptions and attitudes among Filipino high school teachers
  9. Danilo T. Dinoy, Ericson O. Alieto, Junnette B. Buslon, Rebie Marie E. Matildo and Manuel R. Tanpoco
    Pedagogic Code-Switching in a Multilingual Classroom: Perceptions and Reasons of ESL Teachers
  10. Criselda Dela Rama Ricohermoso
    Entering the Digital Classroom, Leaving the Physical One: Analyzing Teachers’ Attitude toward Virtual Teaching, Technological Competence and Willingness
  11. Presley V. de Vera, DCOMM
    Restructuring Gender Roles During The Covid Pandemic: The Experience of LGU Employees
  12. Jimmylen Zuñiga-Tonio
    Exploring Learning Biases Through Artificial Language Learning Paradigm: The Role of Harmonic and Regularization Bias in Multilingual Child Learners’
    Nominal Word Order
  13. Santri E. P. Djahimo
    An Investigation of EFL Teaching Practices in Indonesian Rural Schools


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