For Authors

The rights that you retain as author.

In assigning the  ELE Publishing or the journal proprietor copyright, or granting an exclusive licence to publish, you retain:

  • the right to be identified as the Author of an article whenever and wherever the Article is published;
  • patent rights, trademark rights, or rights to any process, product or procedure described in an article;
  • the right to share with colleagues print or electronic preprints (i.e., versions of the article created prior to peer review) of an unpublished Article, perhaps in the form and content as submitted for publication;
  • always providing that the editorial policy of the journal concerned allows this within its policies on prior publication, the right to post such a ‘preprint’ on your own website, or on your institution’s intranet, or within the Institutional Repository of your institution or company of employment, on the following condition, and with the following acknowledgement: This is a preprint of an article submitted for consideration in the [JOURNAL TITLE] e [year of publication]