Asian EFL Journal Volume 23 Issue 3.2 May 2019

| May 24, 2019

Research Articles

  1. Rohfin Andria Gestanti1, Elok Putri Nimasari, Restu Mufanti
    Re-overviewing Google Translate Results and Its Implication in Language Learning
  2. Dr. C. Gangalakshmi, Dr. R. Naganathan
    Reflective Teaching – A Source for Reconstituting Teaching Pedagogy
  3. Yang Rui, Dr. Priyadarshini Muthukrishnan
    Growth Mindset and Students’ Perception of their English Language Teachers’ Feedback as Predictors of Language Proficiency of the EFL Learners
  4. Dan Feng, Carmela S. Dizon
    Effects of English Subtitled Video on the Test Performance of Filipino Students Learning Mandarin
  5. Diana Kartika
    Analysis of the Use of Refusal Strategies in Japanese by Students of Japanese Literature at Bung Hatta University
  6. Elok Putri Nimasari1, Restu Mufanti, Rohfin Andria Gestanti
    SEKOLAH TOEFL as a Platform to Integrate Technology and Online Learning Resources in ELT
  7. Jonar T. Martin
    English Speaking Anxiety of Physical Education Major Students
  8. Jennifer P. Santillan, Michael E. Santos, Jonar T. Martin
    English Aptitude and Multicultural Personality of Foreign Students
  9. Luis Luigi Eugenio A. Valencia
    Correlates of Grade 11 ESL Students’ Reading Ability
  10. Suwito, Ah. Zakki Fuad, Arif Hidayat, Ida Novianti, Muflihah, Mazaya Conita Widaputri
    Language Acquisition Through Sufism (A Case Study of Sufism Concept and Implementation of Learning English through Subconscious-Installing Method [LET-IM] in Kuanta Indonesia)
  11. Restu Mufanti, Andi Susilo, Rohfin Andria Gestanti, Elok Putri Nimasari
    A Constructing and Analyzing Model for the Teaching of Grammar
  12. Dr. Thamer Alharthi
    Formulaic Sequences as Predictors of Listening Comprehension: A Contribution to Research into Incidental Learning of Collocations
  13. Ida Nuraida, Liliana Muliastuti, Yumna Rasyid
    The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model and Self-Evidence on Students’ Speaking Ability
  14. Ria Arellano – Tamayo
    Spoken Discourse Analysis Along Adjacency Pairs in English as Second Language (ESL) Classrooms
  15. Marie Claudette M. Calanoga, Ria Arellano – Tamayo
    Error Analysis of Student Interns’ Reflective Journals: Basis for a Grammar Remediation Class
  16. Eladia U. Rivera
    Communication Skills and Caring Behavior of Nurses
  17. Michael E. Santos
    Utilization of English Language using Role Play in Teaching Filipino Female College Students in their Physical Education Class
  18. Maria Claudette M. Calanoga
    Productive Vocabulary: A Predictive Variable of Pre-Service Teachers’ Competence
  19. Boyet L. Batang
    Language Learning Strategies and Communicative Competence of Public Elementary Teachers
  20. Wachirapong Yaemtui, Supakorn Phoocharoensil
    Effectiveness of Data-driven Learning (DDL) on Enhancing High-proficiency and Low-proficiency Thai EFL Undergraduate Students’ Collocational Knowledge
  21. Elena Malushko, Ludmila Bolsunovskaya, Nikita Martyushev
    Development of foreign language listening competence of a master student in authentic professional podcast environment of higher educational institution

Book Reviews


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