The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly June 2017

| May 30, 2017

Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 19 Issue 2 June 2017

Foreword  by Jun Scott Chen Hsieh

Research Articles

  1. Sompatu Vungthong, Emilia Djonov, & Jane Torr
    – Factors contributing to Thai teachers’ uptake of tablet technology in EFL primary classrooms
  2. Salim Razı & Mustafa Tekin
    – Role of Culture and Intercultural Competence in University Language Teacher Training Programmes
  3. Seonmin Huh & Young-Mee Suh
    – Translocal Literacy Practices with Korean Local Readers of English
  4. Mehmet Sercan Uztosun & Ece Zehir Topkaya
    – A Cross-national Study into Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Career Choice Motivations in Germany, Japan, and Turkey
  5. David Coniam, Wen Zhao, Yangyu Xiao, & Peter Falvey
    – Researching and Publishing in the English Departments of Chinese Tertiary Institutions: Status and Challenges
  6. Gwendolyn M. Williams & Eleni Oikonomidoy
    – Exploring the L2 Motivational Self System of Japanese Study Abroad Students

  1. Foreign Language Education in Japan: Exploring Qualitative Approaches
    Sachiko Horiguchi, Yuki Imoto, and Gregory S. Poole (Eds.). Sense Publishers, Rotterdam 2015. Xi + 191 pp.
    Reviewed by Carl Vollmer; Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School; Uji, Japan
  2. Discourse Analysis: Putting Our Worlds into Words
    Susan Strauss and Parastou Feiz. New York: Routledge, 2014. Pp. vii + 424.
    Reviewed by Colin Walker, Myongji University, South Korea

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