The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly September 2017

| September 4, 2017

Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 19 Issue 3 September 2017

Foreword  by Aradhna Malik

Research Articles

  1. Stewart Gray
    – Always the Other: Foreign teachers of English in Korea, and their experiences as speakers of KSL
  2. Darío Luis Banegas
    – Teacher-developed materials for CLIL: Frameworks, sources, and activities
  3. Ming-yueh Shen
    -A Study of Actual Behaviours of EFL Non-English Majors’ Lexical Inferencing
  4. Ju Seong (John) Lee
    – A Novice Native English Speaking Teacher in Korean Alternative School: Challenges and Negotiations in the First Years
  5. Vedyanto
    – Evaluation of the ELT Textbook: ‘English in Mind 1 (2nd Edition)’
  6. Xuemei Li
    – Genre and Rhetoric Awareness in Academic Writing Instruction: Personal Narrative and Comparative Analysis

  1. Resilient Teachers, Resilient Schools: Building and Sustaining Quality in Testing Times
    Christopher Day & Qing Gu
    Reviewed by Mehdi Haseli Songhori
  2. Task-Based Language Teaching in Foreign Language Context
    Ali Shehadeh & Christine A. Coombe
    Reviewed by Qotboddin Jan-nesar M.& Khalil Motallebzadeh

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