The Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 20 Issue 12.1 December 2018

| December 12, 2018

Asian EFL Journal Quarterly Volume 20 Issue 12.1 December 2018

Foreword Custódio Martins

Research Articles

  1. Peter Burden
    Comparing two methods of gaining qualitative feedback data from University students to encourage teaching improvement
  2. Tran Le Huu Nghia
    Qualities of Teachers in Commercial English Language Centres: Implications for EFL Teacher Education and Professional Development
  3. Catherine Gallagher
    The Discursive Positioning of Foreign English Teachers (FETs) in the Korean Education System
  4. Jessie S. Barrot
    Do Raters Arrive at the Same Rating for the Same Reasons?
  5. Ying Zhan
    Chinese high school students’ test preparation strategies for a high-stakes computer-based English listening and speaking test: Roles of achievement goals
  6. Vo Ngoc Hoi, Ho Le Hang, and Nguyen Quang Ngoan
    Learning Vocabulary through Narrow Reading: A Case of Vietnamese EFL Learners
  7. Mohammad Husam Alhumsi and Ahmad Affendi Shabdin
    The Awareness of Phonemes among Malaysian Beginning Readers
  8. Xiaodong Zhang
    Teaching Reading beyond Language Form: A Case Study of Chinese College English Teachers’ Self-development
  9. Yin Ling Cheung and Jiak Peng Audrey Lee
    The Influence of Coherence-Creating Mechanisms on the Development of Coherence in Expository Essays: A Case study
  10. Masumi Narita, Yuichiro Kobayashi and Mariko Abe
    Recurrent Multi-word Combinations in L1 and L2 Argumentative Essays

  1. Technology for the Language Classroom: Creating a Twenty-First Century Learning Experience
    Mercado, L. A. (2017), London: Macmillan Education/Palgrave, Pp. xviii + 225.
    Reviewed by Kenneth J. Boyte, Cabrillo College
  2. Technology for the Language Classroom
    Mercado, L. A. (2017) London: Palgrave Macmillan Education, Pp. xviii + 225.
    Reviewed by Colin Walker, Myongji University, South Korea

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