Asian EFL Journal Volume 24 Issue 2 March 2020

| February 24, 2020

Foreword by Copy Editor

Main Articles

  1. George Skuse
    The Talk Skills Project: Improving Dialogic Interaction in the Korean Adult Foreign Language Classroom
  2. Nguyen Van Loi
    Vietnamese EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices of Alternative Assessment in Teaching English at Secondary School
  3. Ngan Nguyen and Francis Godwyll
    Why we are not where we want to be: Dilemmas of English language teachers and learners in Vietnam
  4. Seth Pederson
    Target Language Use and Support for Comprehension by Japanese Primary Teachers in English Classes: A Quantitative Perspective
  5. Chalida Janenoppakarn and Saneh Thongrin
    Enhancing Medical and Health Science Students’ Writing Development Through a Modified Process-Genre Approach
  6. Richard Janosy and Michael Thomas
    Self-Taught Language Learners in China and Their Learning Strategies: A Multiple, Instrumental Case Study of Approaches in Contextual Situations

Book Reviews

  1. Yangmen Liu
    Learner Corpora and Language Teaching
  2. Derek Bell
    Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices (Third Edition)

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