Linguistics Journal Volume 8 Issue 1 2014

| March 29, 2014

Research Articles

  1. Dina Awad. Diverse Acquisition Patterns
  2. Ibrahim M. R. Al-Shaer. The Use of Third-Person Pronouns by Native and Non-Native Speakers of English
  3. Napasri Timyam. An Analysis of Learner Use of Argument Structure Constructions: A Case of Thai Learners Using the Passive and Existential Constructions in English
  4. Mohammad Aliakbari, Mahmoud Qaracholloo and Ali Mansouri Nejad. Social Class and Language Structure: A Methodological Inquiry into Bernstein’s Theory of Sociology of Education

Research Notes

  1. Ming Wei. Code-Switching in a Virtual English Community in China: An International Perspective
  2. Jabulani Sibanda. Interrogating Current Conceptualisations of ‘Word’ for Word Knowledge Studies: Challenges and Prospects.
  3. María José Serrano and Miguel A. Aijón Oliva. On Gendered Styles and their Socio-Cognitive Foundations.

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Category: LJ