Asian ESP Journal Volume 15 Issue 2 October 2019

| November 23, 2019
  1. Dexter Sigan John
    The GrandLit Prix Platform: A Constructive Tool to Support Literature Learning 
  2. Ricardo Amparo Somblingo and Ericson Olario Alieto
    English Language Attitude among Filipino Prospective Language Teachers: An Analysis through the Mentalist Theoretical Lens 
  3. Kun Aniroh
    The Challenges of Teacher-Students in Developing ESP Teaching Materials 
  4. Abdul Wadood Khan
    ESP Proficiency of Saudi Engineering Students: A Longitudinal Study 
  5. Thi Thanh Huyen Phuong and Duyen Phuong
    Vietnamese Learners’ Perspectives of Corrective Feedbacks on English Pronunciation 
  6. Ferdinand Bulusan, Romar B. Antonio and Sherill Gabriel-Dumaga
    Effect of Medical English on Students’ General English Proficiency 
  7. Julieta B. Tindero
    Learning styles and English receptive skills among Filipino college students 
  8. Naimah Ahmad Al-Ghamdi
    An Exploration of Graffiti Tags in Saudi Arabia Context: A Sociolinguistic Account 
  9. Leonel D. Francisco and Claire A. Madrazo
    Reading Habits, Reading Comprehension and Academic Performance of Grade V Pupils 
  10. Claire A. Madrazo
    Gendered Discourse in the College Students’ Argumentative Essay

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