Asian ESP Journal Volume 16 Issue 6.2 December 2020

| December 30, 2020
  1. Bahrani, Eny Syatriana, Nihla Afdaliah, Syamsinar and Bambang Supriadi
    A Method to Push Students’ Speaking Ability in English Foreign Language Classroom
  2. Ike Revita and Rovika Trioclarise
    Politeness Strategies of Minangkabau Ethnic in Indonesia
  3. Rasib Mahmood, Musa Ahmed Musa Elhassan, Tariq Rasheed and Shouket Ahmad Tilwani
    Learning Oral Communication Skills through Dramatic Dialogues: A Case Study of Graduates of Pakistani Universities
  4. Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Eusob Ali Ahmed and Venugopal Koppada
    Scholastic Performance in English between Tribal and Non-Tribal Students of Senior Secondary Level in Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) of Assam State, India
  5. Sadia Ali, Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Usman Ghani
    The ‘English’ Problem: MD Analysis of Reporting World in South Asian Newspapers
  6. Motasim O. Almwajeh and Mohammad H. Alshehab
    Correcting the Wrongs of the Past: Ethics of Love and Continuity Countering the Abstraction and Erasure of the Other in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
  7. I Made Rai Jaya Widanta, Putu Dyah Hudiananingsih, Anak Agung Raka Sitawati and I Wayan Dana Ardika
    Explicit Inputs and Concept Mastery: A Case in Indonesian Language for Foreigners (ILF) Instruction
  8. Sayed M. Ismail Mousa
    Translating Cultural Markers and Najdi Dialects in Contemporary Saudi Novels from a Skopos Theory Perspective
  9. Mahdi R. Aben Ahmed
    The Efficiency of Task-Based Learning Approach (TBL) on Developing Saudi EFL Communication Skills
  10. Menia Mohammad Almenia and Majed Abdullah Alharbi
    Voice in L2 Academic Writing: Critical Insights from Previous Literature Review
  11. Farooq A. AlTameemy, Yasser Alrefaee and Fahd Shehail Alalwi
    Using Blackboard as a Tool of E-Assessment in Testing Writing Skill in Saudi Arabia
  12. Arnel R. Madrazo and Ramon S. Medriano. Jr.
    Screentime is not that Detrimental: Evidence Corresponded to Young Adults’ Mental Health and Academic Performance
  13. Melodina V. Francisco
    Inter-Agency Collaborative Juvenile Justice and Welfare Programs: An Ethno-Linguistics Approach
  14. Helengrace A. Lao and Kent Adnil C. Lao
    The Consequence of Communicative Mentoring Program of Teacher-Mentees in Zamboanga City Primary Schools

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