Asian ESP Journal Volume 16 Issue 2.2 April 2020

| April 3, 2020
  1. Imroatus Solikhah
    Revisiting EAP Syllabus for Indonesian Learners
  2. Vasistha Bhargavi and Nareeman Jabbar Rasheed
    Pragmatics of Immigration & Identity: Computational Study of Online Discourses
  3. Lisetyo Ariyanti, Slamet Setiawan and Mamik Tri Wedawati
    Exploring Implicature via WhatsApp: The Maxim of Conversation Analysis
  4. Lorelyn A. Ramos and Ronald Candy S. Lasaten
    Effect of Differentiated Instruction on Students’ Level of Engagement and Performance in English
  5. Kamaludin Yusra, Nurachman Hanafi and Yuni Budi Lestari
    The Implementation of Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum (Catc) in Indonesia
  6. Wuwuh Yunhadi, Samsu Armadi and Didi Sudraja
    Is Face-to-face and Online Teaching Equal in Teaching Business English Course?: Evidence from the University of Kutai Kartanegara, Indonesia
  7. Phillip G. Queroda
    Classroom Management Practices Employed by Pangasinan State University Faculty
  8. Muhamad Mukhroji
    Exploring Classroom Speech Acts: A case of Speaking Performs in Bandung Raya University
  9. Liza L. Quimson
    Correlates of Working Conditions, Job Stress and Coping Mechanisms Among Working Mothers in an Urban Environment
  10. Shouket Ahmad Tilwani
    Rewriting A Passage to India: A Study of Burnt Shadows
  11. Fakhir Omar Mohammed, Hozan Gorgeen Othman and Idrees Ali Hasan
    An Analysis of Teachers’ Proxemics in Bahdini EFL University Classrooms
  12. Mohammad Shariq
    Feedback and Speaking Skills in Task-Based Language Teaching: Proposed Corrective Measures for EFL Learners
  13. Manal Jasim Muhammad
    A Linguistic Study of ”and” ((و in Arabic and English
  14. Didin Nuruddin Hidayat, Yudi Septiawan and Agus Sufyan
    Critical Discourse Analysis and Its Potential for English Language Teaching: A Study on Beauty Advertisement Products in Indonesia
  15. Jinan Ahmed Khalil
    Syntactic Analysis of Grammatical Mistakes in English Writing among Iraqi EFL Undergraduate Students
  16. Ruqayah Mutlak Abdulrahman and Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed
    The Rhetorical Structures of Educational Concepts in Nursery Rhymes
  17. Muhammad Ajmal and Tribhuwan Kumar
    Using DIALANG in Assessing Foreign Language Proficiency: The Interface between Learning and Assessment

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