Linguistics Journal Volume 12 Issue 1 2018

| September 20, 2018

Linguistics Journal Volume 12 Issue 1 2018

Foreword by Biljana Čubrović

Research Articles

  1. Consonantal Coarticulation Resistance in Hindi: An Ultrasound Imaging Study
    Irfana M. & Sreedevi N.
  2. L2 English rhythm by Vietnamese speakers: a rhythm metric study
    Anh-Thư T. Nguyễn
  3. The Status of Theme Types and Thematic Progression Patterns in English Written Biography Texts: A Systemic Functional Approach
    Shoja Tafakkori Rezayi & Hossein Moghani
  4. A comparison of formal register through lexical choices in heritage and second language speakers of Spanish
    C. Cecilia Tocaimaza-Hatch
  5. Hemispheric Lateralization of Words in Turkish-English Bilinguals and Turkish Monolinguals
    Filiz Mergen & Gulmira Kuruoglu
  6. Juggling Two Languages: Malay-English Bilinguals’ Code-switching Behavior in Singapore
    Firqin Sumartono and Ying-Ying Tan
  7. Sources of article semantics in L3 English: Definiteness and specificity
    Abdelkader Hermas
  8. Universal Syntax in Optimality Theory: A Case Study on Three Austronesian Languages
    Yu-Ching Tseng
  9. A Transitivity Investigation of Nature Journal Articles: Legitimizing First-person Use
    Roger Nunn, Tanju Deveci, Ikhlas Khan & Nader Ayish
  10. Language as a Window into Discrimination: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Hatred
    Nikola Dobrić
  11. Cultural Representation of English Translation of Cultural Specific Items (CSIs) in Two Persian Books
    Zeinab Ostad & Mehrdad Vasheghani Farahani

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